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“Breast cancer doesn't define you. It frees you to arrive at different choices.” – Sue Bock

  “Fear of losing who we think we are is the biggest hurdle to climb over.” - Sue Bock

Best LifeIt’s my feeling that everyone wants a best life. I know I do. After my experience of having breast cancer, I found that there was a gap for women, almost like a drop off the cliff of support.

It’s my mission and my pleasure to inspire women to embrace what’s next after breast cancer. I partner, guide, ask questions to create “aha moments.” There is more to life than breast cancer. To be a breast cancer graduate and advocate for your best life, I encourage and champion those who choose to dream of change and to live life’s adventures courageously. If there’s a spark inside you that needs fanning let us pursue that together safely.

Are you ready to find your best life? Are you ready to take that next step? Do you need someone to standby while you figure it out? What’s next is your question and I’m here to help you find that out.


Coach SueMidlife for women is an adventure with all its wonder through curiosity, serendipity, faith, truth, trust, and courage. It’s about taking the next step, then the next one, putting one foot in front of the other.
Courage is about seeing the fear and taking the step anyway, no matter if it is a shuffle, a tiny step, or “one giant step for humankind.” The adventure is how you get to your destination, the wonder in your curiosity, to look around and find a smile from someone you meet on the street.

When you take the time to visit yourself, see if you want or need a guide, a champion, a partner to get to your destination with purpose. You will find value in what you have inside. Are you ready to take your first step to work through your midlife stage? To see a better future? To begin the process of feeling fulfilled and balanced? Let us be courageous together and find your own version of adventure.

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